Credibility Gap – UK civilian harm assessments for the battles of Mosul and Raqqa

As part of its Inquiry into British military actions at Mosul and Raqqa, the UK Parliament’s Defence Select Committee issued a request for submissions from interested parties. Along with several other NGOs, Airwars submitted a detailed report looking into UK actions in the war against so-called Islamic State, and the broader issue of civilian harm….Continue reading

Military reports – July 2018

Monthly summary: Below are all known published daily Coalition military reports relating to the air war against so called Islamic State or Daesh in Iraq and Syria for July 2018. We have also included relevant video and photo releases. Beginning in June 2018, the Coalition began issuing once weekly reports, issued each Monday for the previous…Continue reading

Netherlands admits civilian harm in Iraqi airstrikes – but won’t say where or when

Dutch military still refuses to say where or when civilians were killed or injured in Iraqi strikes – or how many casualties.

Resumed Dutch air campaign against ISIS sees transparency improvements

The Netherlands – often criticized for being the least transparent member of the US-led Coalition – has improved its public reporting since strikes renewed in January

Reported civilian casualties from Turkish military actions in Iraq and Syria: 2018

New Airwars monitoring project tracks civilian harm from Turkish military actions – as well as reported casualties from Kurdish counterfire

Reported civilian and ‘friendly fire’ deaths from Coalition airstrikes 2018

Despite a significant decline in Coalition actions against ISIS, reported civilian harm continued into 2018.