Reported civilian and ‘friendly fire’ deaths from Coalition airstrikes October 2017

Our reports for all civilian casualty allegations prior to October 2017 can be found here Listed below are all known reports for October 2017 – via generally credible sources unless otherwise indicated – of non-combatant and ‘friendly fire’ deaths allegedly caused by the US-led Coalition in Iraq and Syria. We include locations, dates and reported…Continue reading

Military reports – October 2017

Monthly summary: Below are all known published daily Coalition military reports relating to the air war against so called Islamic State or Daesh in Iraq and Syria for October 2017. We have also included relevant video and photo releases, as well as cross-indicating where any known alleged civilian or ‘friendly fire’ casualties have been reported. Beginning…Continue reading

Former Coalition commander Lt Gen Townsend responds to Airwars article on Raqqa

Lt Gen Stephen Townsend, former commander of the US-led Coalition, takes issue with Airwars assessments of Raqqa civilian casualties

1,000 days of war: Shihab’s story – the terror of bombardment

Airwars researcher Shihab Halep was bombed out of his Aleppo home by the regime. He shares his harrowing story of what it is like to flee under bombardment.

1,000 days of war: the geolocation challenge

A new analysis of Coalition reports shows that strike locations may be as many as 90 kilometers or more from where they are listed — a serious concern for investigators.

1,000 days of war: A tale of two bombed cities

Both Aleppo and Raqqa have seen heavy assaults backed by international airpower in recent months. So why is media coverage so different for these two bombed cities?

1,000 days of war: What went wrong at Mosul?

The bloody battle to capture West Mosul has reportedly cost thousands of civilian lives. Airwars researcher Latif Habib asks: what went wrong?

Denmark brings F-16s home on first anniversary of anti-Daesh mission

Denmark was one of the last international allies to join Coalition strikes against Islamic State in Iraq. Even so, the past year has seen such a heavy workload that Danish personnel went public with their complaints of fatigue. With all seven F-16s now safely home, guest reporter Rasmus Raun Westh looks at a year of…Continue reading