As claims escalate under Trump, Airwars tracks 1,000th alleged Coalition civilian casualty event

Coalition civilian casualty claims for 2017 indicate record number of fatalities in Iraq and Syria

Exclusive: US says it carried out deadly strike that hit Aleppo mosque

US officials confirmed to Airwars that they hit an alleged al Qaeda meeting place that “happened to be across the street ” from a mosque.

Just days into March, hundreds of civilians already reported slain in West Mosul

Hundreds of civilians have reportedly died in several mass casualty events, marking a stark increase in civilian bloodshed at Mosul

Hundreds of civilians killed in Turkish capture of al-Bab, as Ankara eyes Kurdish-held Manbij

UN says at least 300 civilians died in Turkey’s battle for al-Bab – setting dangerous precedent for north Syria

US promised it wouldn’t use Depleted Uranium in Syria. But then it did.

US now says it has fired thousands of depleted uranium rounds in Syria — first confirmed use of controversial munition since Iraq invasion

For first time, Coalition now killing more civilians than Russia

For first time since Russia intervened in Syria US-led Coalition airstrikes are reportedly killing more civilians

Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ order could undermine battle for Mosul

Anti-ISIL Coalition spokesman tells Airwars the 13-nation alliance was not consulted prior to Iraqis being banned from entering the United States

Missing in action: Hundreds of civilian deaths pass unremarked in Obama’s final days

More than 450 civilians died in likely Coalition strikes in the last months of Obama’s presidency. In contrast with Aleppo, the world’s media was mostly silent.