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You can see our complete archive of all known public military records of the Coalition’s air war against Islamic State (Daesh) by clicking the links below.

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Transparency and accountability of Coalition members


Updated November 2016

Recent example of a Coalition report

Daily July 2nd

What are these reports?

Much of what we know about the ongoing Coalition airwar in Iraq and Syria comes from the partners themselves – via their daily, weekly or monthly situation reports, and from related media.

The US, Jordan, Canada, Australia, France, the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark have bombed so-called Islamic State in both countries.

In Iraq, the US has been joined by France, the UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Jordan and Belgium.

In Syria, the US has also on occasion been joined by aircraft from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Turkey. British pilots have also flown strike missions in Syria while embedded with US forces, and have carried out at least one unilateral drone targeted assassination.

Not all Coalition nations report on their actions – and those that do so often use very different approaches (see our Methodology for more on this).

Our archive shows every known public military report of the war, by Coalition member and in the original language [with a brief English-language precis where necessary]. We also link if possible to original material, and include other media releases such as videos and photographs.

In addition, we’ve highlighted events where Coalition-caused non-combatant and ‘friendly fire’ deaths have been alleged. Clicking through will take you to our relevant database of alleged incidents.

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