Airstrike and bombardment damage in Mosul, Spring 2017

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For less than the price of a single bomb or missile,  Airwars has already tracked more than 2,500 reported civilian casualty events involving international powers in Iraq and Syria. In just a short time we have built a strong international reputation for credible independent monitoring. But now we need your help.

By donating to Airwars you’ll be helping us continue to provide independent and trustworthy monitoring of international airstrikes in Iraq, Syria and Libya. We are a collaborative not-for-profit organisation – run both by paid staff and by volunteer specialists – with extensive experience in international research and investigative journalism.

With Russia’s campaign in Syria escalating – and Turkey now joining that war – our researchers are struggling to keep up. We’re also tracking US airstrikes against ISIL in Libya, where other countries too are waging a shadow war. All of this is achieved with very limited funds.

Thanks to support from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust we employ two part time specialist researchers – one based in Iraq, the other a Syrian analyst based in the UK. A small grant from the Network for Social Change funds a part time Turkey-based researcher who helps us monitor alleged civilian deaths from Russian airstrikes. Thanks to funding from the Open Society Foundations we also employ a full time Syria researcher in London; a New York based investigative reporter; and a part time web and data producer. Our director is jointly funded by JRCT and OSF.

Our overheads are extremely low. But we need more specialist researchers to keep up with growing reports of civilian casualties. We also need to fund further improvements to our expanding website, including Arabic-language versions of key pages. And we want to hire a geolocator to help us identify and map the locations of alleged civilian casualty events.

Your donation will help us to expand our research, and share our information further. To show how you’ve helped, we will be publishing annual accounts setting out all of our donations and grants, and explaining how that money has been spent.

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