First full month of battle for Mosul leaves hundreds of civilians dead

Civilians in Mosul are at risk from airstrikes, mortars, artillery and street battles as struggle for control continues

Coalition admits four key allies killed at least 15 Syrian troops in botched raid

US, Australian, Danish and British aircraft all took part in botched Syria raid. But claims of Syrian troop deaths were exaggerated.

International airstrikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: October 2016

Significant rise in civilian casualties reported from Coalition, Russian and Turkish airstrikes in Iraq and Syria for October 2016.

International airstrikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: September 2016

Alleged Russian civilian casualty events were back to levels last seen in January, as Coalition geared for Mosul assault

Admitted US strike near a Syrian mosque highlights continued risk to civilians

Latest US admissions mean Coalition has now conceded 119 civilian deaths in war against ISIL – far below Airwars estimate of 1,800 or more deaths

After two years of daily bombings, Mosul residents now face greatest danger

Even before the recent assault began, Mosul was already the most heavily bombed target in two years of Coalition airstrikes – with hundreds of civilians likely killed. As the battle for control pushes in to the city’s suburbs, Airwars has been talking with affected families.

Coalition majorly undercounting civilians killed by its strikes, says Amnesty

New Amnesty study finds “compelling evidence” that 300 civilians died in just 11 Coalition strikes in Syria

Prise de bec entre la Russie et la Belgique montre la complexité toujours plus grande du conflit syrien

Bataille de désinformation dans le chaotique ciel Syrien: la Belgique et la Russie s’accusent de causer des victimes civiles.