May 2022

Written by

Joe Dyke

Assisted by

Adam Gnych, Anna Zahn, Chris Woods, Clive Vella, Dmytro Chupryna, Duncan Salkovskis, Emily Tripp, Georgia Edwards, Hannah Aries, Hermes, Jessica Purkiss, Laurie Treffers, Maysa Ismael, Megan Karlshoej-Pedersen, Mohammed al Jumaily, Oliver Imhof, Peixian Wang, Salim Habib, Sanjana Varghese, Shihab Halep and Valentina Finckenstein

Annual Report for 2021

Civilian harm trends continued sharply downwards across all conflicts monitored by Airwars during 2021 – particularly after the Biden administration took office in January. However both Russian and Turkish campaigns in Syria – and Turkish actions in northern Iraq – continued at an occasionally aggressive rate.

Ongoing concerns at US military accountability peaked with the publication of major investigations by the New York Times, which highlighted cover-ups and potential war crimes in Syria. Congressional scrutiny forced a series of reviews and investigations, expected to shake up how the Pentagon determines casualties from its own actions.