Airwars Stichting

The establishment of a permanent Netherlands-based advocacy office in the autumn of 2016 provided Airwars with a key opportunity to focus on improving transparency and public accountability with both the government and military in the Netherlands – while encouraging a broader European engagement on the issue of civilian harm.

Airwars Stichting was registered in September 2019 as our European foundation – a subsidiary organisation of Airwars, whose broader ethical and organisational rules are reflected in Airwars Stichting’s own governing documents. The Directors of Airwars Stichting are appointed by the management board of Airwars UK.

Our European office has become central to our work within Europe, giving us a strong base from which to engage with governments, political parties, civil society, and media. We are now expanding this successful approach to other European countries employing wide area effect weapons such as France and Belgium; as well as engaging with NATO and other international agencies based in Europe. We help to ensure that governments are properly held to account, and that good practice is shared between militaries.

Airwars Stichting is funded by philanthropic foundations and by public donations, along with pro bono contributions from our volunteers.


General information

Airwars Stichting was officially registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce on September 25th, 2019.
Official Address: Janskerkhof 2-3a, 3512 BK Utrecht, The Netherlands
KvK number: 75925222
RSIN number: 860443590

Purpose of the Stichting

The stated objectives of Airwars Stichting are:
a. the advancement of health and the saving of lives of civilians in conflict zones;
b. the advancement of human rights, conflict resolution and reconciliation;

Specifically, Airwars Stichting is a collaborative, not-for-profit transparency organisation aimed at tracking, assessing and archiving military actions and related civilian harm claims in conflict zones. We also work with militaries, where practicable, to help improve understanding of civilian harm allegations – with the aim of reducing battlefield casualties.

Policy Plan

The current policy plan can be found here

Annual Report

Airwars 2019 Annual Report


2019-2020 Annual Accounts


Chair: Jessica Lynn Dorsey
Treasurer: Emily Tripp

Remuneration policy

The Stichting does not pay compensation for activities by board members, though they may be compensated for any expenses made in the course of exercising their duties, including travel expenses for Board meetings. The Director and Deputy Director of Airwars UK oversee the daily work of the Stichting.

Airwars Stichting is registered in the Netherlands with the Chamber of Commerce with company number 75925222, RSIN 860443590. Our official company address is Janskerkhof 2-3a, 3512 BK Utrecht, The Netherlands