Displaced civilians near Mosul, May 2017. (Maranie R. Staab)

Help us document civilian harm

We are currently seeking donations to enable us to expand our local language teams to keep up with the unprecedented pace of harm allegations in the Gaza Strip.

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In the short term, by building a trusted evidence base we are able to feed into live reporting, and ensure that the human toll of war is reported on with empathy for victims. With debates on statistics even at the highest levels of global politics, accurate data collection is needed now more than ever.

Longer term, our work supports justice and accountability for civilian victims. Accountability for civilian harm takes years or even decades, but it is built on the basis of reliable and detailed documentation.

Any donation is appreciated to help us continue and scale our work.

Our funders are primarily philanthropic donors from the UK and the US. You can read more about our financial status and donors in our annual report.

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