Civilian Casualties

Civilian Casualties

Incident date

September 14, 2018

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كورى بوقودى, Kouri Bougoudi, Murzuq, Libya

Two civilians were reported killed in an alleged Chadian helicopter strike on an illegal gold mine in Kouri Bougoudi at the Libyan-Chadian border. Reuters wrote: “Chadian army helicopters killed two civilians in bombing runs over a gold mining town along the Libyan border, where government forces have clashed with a fledgeling rebel movement, a family


First published
September 14, 2018
Last updated
January 18, 2022
Civilian harm reported
Civilians reported killed
Airwars civilian harm grading
Reported by two or more credible sources, with likely or confirmed near actions by a belligerent.
Suspected belligerent
Chadian Military
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2 named
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