Military Reports

Military Reports

AFRICOM for January 23, 2020 – January 29, 2020

Report Date

January 29, 2020

In coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia, U.S. Africa Command conducted a series of operations to disrupt al-Shabaab terrorists in various locations in southern Somalia, from Jan. 23-29, 2020.

“U.S. forces, working in partnership with the FGS, continue to limit al-Shabaab’s ability to hold territory seized from the legitimate government of Somalia and use it as a safe space for plotting terrorist attacks,” said U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Gregory Hadfield, deputy director of intelligence. “Operations to disrupt al-Shabaab are needed to deny their ability to expand terrorism outside of Somalia as we’ve recently seen in Kenya.”

As a result of these operations we currently assess that one (1) al-Shabaab terrorist was killed in the vicinity of Jilib and two (2) al-Shabaab compounds were destroyed; one in Jamaame and one in Jilib. Due to operational security and force protection considerations, it prevented issuing a press release immediately.

“We assess these compounds were used by al-Shabaab militants to organize and plan violent terrorist actions against innocent Somali citizens,” said Hadfield.

We currently assess no civilians were injured or killed as a result of these airstrikes. We continue to take significant measures to comply with the principles of the Law of Armed Conflict during the course of our operations to ensure the safety of civilians.

Somalia remains key to the security environment of East Africa, and its long-term stability is important to advancing U.S. interests in the region. U.S. actions are synchronized with the African Union Mission in Somalia’s (AMISOM) mandate to reduce threats and support stabilization, reconciliation, and peacebuilding.