Military Reports

Military Reports

CENTCOM for December 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018

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January 31, 2018

February 6, 2018

Release Number 20180201-01


TAMPA, Fla. – U.S. forces conducted eight air strikes in Yemen in December 2017 and 10 air strikes in January targeting both Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and ISIS-Yemen.

One air strike resulted in the death of AQAP external operations facilitator Miqdad al Sana’ani Dec. 15, 2017, in al-Bayda governorate. Another strike killed Habib al-Sana’ani, AQAP deputy arms facilitator Dec. 19, 2017, in Marib governorate. Habib al-Sana’ani was an intermediary with ties to senior AQAP leadership and responsible for facilitating the movement of weapons, explosives and finances into Yemen.

U.S. forces continue sustained counterterrorism operations against AQAP and ISIS-Y in coordination with the government of Yemen to degrade these groups’ ability to hold territory and coordinate external attacks.

“Every strike advances the defeat of violent extremist organizations, and protects the United States and partner nations from attack at home and abroad,” said Lt. Col. Earl Brown, a U.S. Central Command spokesperson.