Military Reports

Military Reports

UK MoD for May 2, 2023 – May 2, 2023

Report Date

May 2, 2023


Tuesday 2 May 2023 – RAF Typhoons struck two Daesh terrorist targets in north eastern Iraq.


UK forces, as part of the coalition, continue to support the Iraqi government in its unrelenting work to prevent any attempts by the Daesh terrorist movement to re-establish a presence in the country.  Careful intelligence analysis revealed that a Daesh group was basing itself at two remote locations in the Hamrin mountains in north-eastern Iraq. Royal Air Force Typhoons were therefore tasked to attack the terrorists at both locations on Tuesday 2 May 2023 in support of an Iraqi security forces operation.  Having confirmed that there was no civilian presence nearby that might be put at risk, the Typhoons employed seven Paveway IV guided bombs in successful precision strikes.