International airstrikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: June 2017

Almost five times more Coalition than Russian civilian casualty allegations were tracked by Airwars during June

1,000 days of war: the civilians missing in action

Among the dead in Iraq and Syria are more than 1,4000 named civilian victims of likely Coalition airstrikes. Airwars looks at the stories of some of those individuals

Reported civilian casualties from Russian airstrikes in Syria: January 2016

Additional research by Kinda Haddad, F.F. Khalil, Christiaan Triebert and Chris Woods Between January 1st and 31st 2016, a total of 177 reported civilian casualty incidents in Syria allegedly involving Russian aircraft have been tracked by our researchers. These allege between them an overall total of between 1,006 and 1,410 non-combatant deaths. Each event is…Continue reading

International airstrikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: August 2016

Additional research by Kinda Haddad, Latif Habib, Abdulwahab Tahhan, Ziad Freeman, Basile Simon, Christiaan Triebert and Chris Woods August saw the second anniversary of the war against so-called Islamic State, with the terrorist group losing significant ground on multiple fronts. The Coalition campaign to liberate Manbij in Aleppo concluded with Daesh being driven out of…Continue reading

CENTCOM confirms 14 new civilian deaths in ISIL war

Research by Latif Habib and Kinda Haddad CENTCOM has conceded 14 additional civilian deaths from US military actions in the war against so-called Islamic State, in both Iraq and Syria. The admission brings to 55 the official tally of civilian dead, from more than 10,700 declared US airstrikes. The newly-admitted deaths relate to six events between July 2015…Continue reading

Coalition strikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: July 3rd-10th 2015

ABOVE: Burnt out wreckage of a car carrying seven alleged Al Nusra Front members, destroyed in a US targeted strike in Syria July 8 2015 (via SNN) Additional reporting by Basile Simon, Kinda Haddad and Latif Habib. Major Developments Casualty recorders publish the name of a 200th alleged victim of coalition airstrikes in Syria. In Iraq,…Continue reading

Coalition airstrikes and casualties in Iraq and Syria: May 15th-May 22nd 2015

Major developments After nine months of strikes the coalition finally admits its actions have killed civilians – confirming the “likely” death of at least two children in Syria A last-minute spate of Coalition airstrikes fails to prevent Islamic State from over-running the crucial city of Ramadi in Iraq The 4,000th airstrike since operations began in August…Continue reading

Six months after deadly Syrian air raid, US finally concedes it killed two children

After more than 4,000 airstrikes by the international alliance over a nine month period, the US-led coalition has finally conceded that its actions have killed civilians. According to a statement issued by CENTCOM late on May 21st, an airstrike on the village of Harem near Aleppo six months previously had “likely led to the deaths of two non-combatant children.” According…Continue reading