Event Date

December 2, 2021


UK Parliament

Sharing best practice across the Atlantic: a UK-US legislators’ dialogue on protecting civilians in armed conflict

To mark the group’s relaunch as the APPG on Drones and Modern Conflict the group held an event moderated by Dr. Larry Lewis with Congressman Jim McGovern and Gill Furniss MP to exchange experiences and expertise in a translantic dialogue, share best rpactises and lessons learned, and to identify what more needs to be done to enable greater civilian protection.

The UK and US are dealing with the challenge of calculating the impact of their own operations from a great distance, and the impact of their partners’ assistance.  These complexitis pose challenges to the protection of civilians, resulting in the sweeping destruction of civilian infrastructure and the devestating rise in civilian casualties by air opertions and through partnered ground operations.

Dmytro Chupryna offerred expert comment from Airwars’ perspective in the UK, and Annie Shiel, Senior Advisor at the Center for Civilians in Conflict offered perspective from the US.