Civilians face conflicting instructions as Coalition and SDF assault Raqqa

Differing advice to civilians at Raqqa sows confusion warn experts – as UN calls on Coalition to improve protections for non-combatants

International airstrikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: October 2015

Additional reporting by Latif Habib, Kinda Haddad and Basile Simon Major developments The US-led Coalition ended October 2015 having carried out 5,107 airstrikes in Iraq and 2,712 in Syria so far in its 14-month air war against Daesh. Some 28,578 bombs and missiles had been dropped by 13 allies. There were 22 reported incidents of…Continue reading

After 15 months of Iraq airstrikes, Coalition admits to killing civilians

Centcom has finally confirmed that US-led Coalition operations against Daesh in Iraq have ‘likely’ killed civilians on the ground. The November 20th admission comes some 468 days into a bombing campaign which has seen more than 5,400 airstrikes in Iraq alone, with hundreds of civilians so far alleged killed. According to a newly declassified Pentagon…Continue reading

‘Not one civilian killed’: UK insists Iraq airstrikes are perfect after first year of bombing

British manned and unmanned aicraft have carried out at least 324 airstrikes against Islamic State in their first year of operations, according to an Airwars assessment of Ministry of Defence reports. The attacks – second only to the United States in number – have killed hundreds of Daesh fighters, the MoD says. Officials also insist…Continue reading

By order of the President of the Republic: a year of France’s Operation Chammal

France became the first international partner to join the United States in its air war against Daesh back in September 2014.  Airwars reports on a year of action – as France insists its aircraft have not killed any civilians in more than 200 airstrikes.  France’s Opération Chammal – named after the Arabic word for ‘wind from the North’ –…Continue reading

Coalition strikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: August 2015

Major Developments 6.548 Coalition airstrikes had been carried out to the end of August 2015 according to an Airwars count. Of these, 62% targeted Daesh in Iraq (4,080 strikes) with 2,468 airstrikes in Syria In total, Coalition aircraft had dropped 22,478 bombs and missiles on Iraq and Syria to August 31st Airwars recorded 12 new alleged civilian…Continue reading

Canadian, Australian, Dutch and French aircraft linked to possible civilian casualties, CENTCOM file reveals

Additional reporting by Kinda Haddad and Latif Habib A newly-declassified CENTCOM document – published by Airwars and international media partners for the first time today –  reveals that by early May of this year, the anti-ISIL Coalition had already internally investigated dozens of events involving at least 325 possible civilian deaths from airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. Yet despite often significant published evidence of civilians…Continue reading

First year of Coalition airstrikes helped stall Islamic State – but at a cost

IMAGE: An F/A-18 Super Hornet launches from USS Carl Vinson, October 2014 (US Navy/ Alex King) At 1.45pm local time on August 8th 2014, the United States began airstrikes against Islamic State (Daesh), after the terror group had overrun much of northern Iraq and begun massacring non-Sunnis. Six weeks later that air war was expanded to Syria,…Continue reading