Russian airstrikes and civilian deaths in Syria are rising fast

At least 120 Russian casualty events have already been alleged for April – a steep rise with grim implications for Syria’s civilians

New studies confirm Syrian building struck by US drones was a mosque

The US contends that it didn’t strike a mosque in Syria – but new analysis and 3D modeling appear to prove them wrong.

Exclusive: US says it carried out deadly strike that hit Aleppo mosque

US officials confirmed to Airwars that they hit an alleged al Qaeda meeting place that “happened to be across the street ” from a mosque.

Annual assessment 2016: Civilians paid heavy price in Coalition and Russian airstrikes

Likely non-combatant deaths from Coalition actions in Iraq and Syria rose by 70 percent compared to 2015. And thousands of civilians died in likely Russian airstrikes throughout 2016.

Latest Russia data release shows steep fall in likely civilian deaths for Spring 2016

Thanks to a ceasefre and partial drawdown, likely civilian deaths from Russian airstrikes in Syria fell significantly during Spring 2016. But the decline proved short-term.

International airstrikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: November 2016

Record numbers of civilian fatalities were reported in November 2016 from both Coalition and Russian airstrikes

International airstrikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: October 2016

Significant rise in civilian casualties reported from Coalition, Russian and Turkish airstrikes in Iraq and Syria for October 2016.

Russian spat with Belgium over civilian deaths highlights chaos of Syrian skies

Research by Eline Westra and Kinda Haddad Russia has implied that a member of the US-led Coalition killed six civilians Read More