Amnesty says US-led Coalition likely violated international law at Raqqa

Investigators traveled to Raqqa and spoke with more than 100 witnesses and victims, with their report highlighting the deaths of dozens of members of just four families.

Former RAF commander: British claims of zero civilian deaths ‘not credible’

‘Stop treating the British people as mugs,’ senior Labour politician tells MoD as it continues to insist no civilians harmed in 1,600 airstrikes

In third year of strikes, Australia begins releasing regular reports

In its third year as part of the Coalition bombing campaign, Australia is finally releasing regular logs of its airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.

Major Airwars audit of anti-ISIL Coalition reveals limited accountability for civilian casualties

Airwars stresses the need for common rules and procedures when it comes to the monitoring of – and public accounting for – reported civilian casualties

Civilian casualties are now Trump’s problem to solve

A recent Obama executive order on civilian casualties has had some effect. But will it survive into a Trump administration?

Coalition-backed Manbij assault has killed hundreds of civilians, warn locals

Research by Kinda Haddad A major Coalition-backed campaign to liberate the ISIL-occupied northern Syrian town of Manbij and surrounding villages has led to the deaths of hundreds of civilians, according to local reports. The Syrian Arab Coalition (SAC) – a proxy US-trained force comprising mostly Kurdish fighters – is currently advancing on the town centre…Continue reading

Two families likely among 20 new civilian deaths admitted by US in war against ISIL

In a doubling of previous estimates of civilians killed in its air war against so-called Islamic State, the US has confirmed that 20 more non-combatants are believed to have died and 11 injured in nine separate events between September 2015 and February 2016. Among those likely killed were two Iraqi families. On October 5th, US…Continue reading

British aircraft not involved in alleged Iraq civilian casualty events, says minister

Royal Air Force combat aircraft were not involved in eight alleged civilian casualty incidents in Iraq in December 2015, according to Britain’s Defence Secretary. Concerns were first raised by Scottish media and politicians in early January, after cross-referencing of reported civilian casualty incidents with UK airstrikes in Iraq had indicated possible concerns. Eight claimed incidents…Continue reading