1,000 days of war: the civilians missing in action

Among the dead in Iraq and Syria are more than 1,4000 named civilian victims of likely Coalition airstrikes. Airwars looks at the stories of some of those individuals

Annual assessment 2016: Civilians paid heavy price in Coalition and Russian airstrikes

Likely non-combatant deaths from Coalition actions in Iraq and Syria rose by 70 percent compared to 2015. And thousands of civilians died in likely Russian airstrikes throughout 2016.

International airstrikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: November 2016

Record numbers of civilian fatalities were reported in November 2016 from both Coalition and Russian airstrikes

Analysis: Coalition-confirmed civilian deaths – December 2016 release

Seven new civilian casualty events were admitted by the Coalition in December – including the first confirmed deaths from artillery strikes

International airstrikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: September 2016

Alleged Russian civilian casualty events were back to levels last seen in January, as Coalition geared for Mosul assault

Coalition majorly undercounting civilians killed by its strikes, says Amnesty

New Amnesty study finds “compelling evidence” that 300 civilians died in just 11 Coalition strikes in Syria

Prise de bec entre la Russie et la Belgique montre la complexité toujours plus grande du conflit syrien

Bataille de désinformation dans le chaotique ciel Syrien: la Belgique et la Russie s’accusent de causer des victimes civiles.

Russian spat with Belgium over civilian deaths highlights chaos of Syrian skies

Research by Eline Westra and Kinda Haddad Russia has implied that a member of the US-led Coalition killed six civilians in rural Aleppo province on October 17th – a claim which drew a furious rebuttal from Belgium’s defence minister, who complained of “Russian disinformation.” The spat comes as a Moscow-declared pause appeared to be respected…Continue reading