Intensity of Coalition’s Raqqa bombardment greater than for all of Afghanistan, official data shows

On average one Coalition bomb, missile or artillery shell struck Raqqa every eight minutes in August – with local monitors reporting a devastating toll on civilians

1,000 days of war: what the experts say

The Coalition tells Airwars its goal is ‘zero civilian casualties’ in Iraq and Syria. But monitors, analysts and NGOs paint a different picture.

Russian airstrikes and civilian deaths in Syria are rising fast

At least 120 Russian casualty events have already been alleged for April – a steep rise with grim implications for Syria’s civilians

Coalition majorly undercounting civilians killed by its strikes, says Amnesty

New Amnesty study finds “compelling evidence” that 300 civilians died in just 11 Coalition strikes in Syria

CENTCOM confirms 14 new civilian deaths in ISIL war

Research by Latif Habib and Kinda Haddad CENTCOM has conceded 14 additional civilian deaths from US military actions in the war against so-called Islamic State, in both Iraq and Syria. The admission brings to 55 the official tally of civilian dead, from more than 10,700 declared US airstrikes. The newly-admitted deaths relate to six events between July 2015…Continue reading

US admits five new civilian casualty cases in Iraq and Syria

The United States has conceded five fresh civilian casualty incidents in Iraq and Syria which between them killed eight or more non-combatants, it believes. Analysis suggests the actual toll from these five events is between 14 and 21 civilians killed, raising fresh questions about US and Coalition dependence upon aerial-only footage during post-strike investigations. Airwars…Continue reading

Coalition strikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: August 2015

Major Developments 6.548 Coalition airstrikes had been carried out to the end of August 2015 according to an Airwars count. Of these, 62% targeted Daesh in Iraq (4,080 strikes) with 2,468 airstrikes in Syria In total, Coalition aircraft had dropped 22,478 bombs and missiles on Iraq and Syria to August 31st Airwars recorded 12 new alleged civilian…Continue reading

Canadian, Australian, Dutch and French aircraft linked to possible civilian casualties, CENTCOM file reveals

Additional reporting by Kinda Haddad and Latif Habib A newly-declassified CENTCOM document – published by Airwars and international media partners for the first time today –  reveals that by early May of this year, the anti-ISIL Coalition had already internally investigated dozens of events involving at least 325 possible civilian deaths from airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. Yet despite often significant published evidence of civilians…Continue reading