UN investigators accuse the US-led Coalition and Russia of likely violating laws of war in Syria

In 2015, the UN Commission said it wouldn’t investigate foreign airstrikes in Syria. Now it is citing Security Council members for unlawful strikes.

Measuring the cost of Iraq’s victory over ISIS

Iraqi forces supported by the international Coalition have driven so-called Islamic State from the nation’s cities and towns. The cost in lives has been significant.

UN Inquiry ‘gravely concerned’ about Syrian civilians killed by Coalition

The Commission also accused the US of violating international humanitarian law when it bombed a mosque in March.

Russian airstrikes and civilian deaths in Syria are rising fast

At least 120 Russian casualty events have already been alleged for April – a steep rise with grim implications for Syria’s civilians

Missing in action: Hundreds of civilian deaths pass unremarked in Obama’s final days

More than 450 civilians died in likely Coalition strikes in the last months of Obama’s presidency. In contrast with Aleppo, the world’s media was mostly silent.

A year of Russian airstrikes leaves thousands dead

Russia is marking the first year of a bombing campaign in Syria with some of its deadliest strikes yet, leaving Read More

Coalition airstrikes and reported casualties in Iraq and Syria: June 19th-26th 2015

ABOVE: Delegates at the 29th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, June 22 2015, heard calls for Read More